The Ohio Gangster

Background: Growing up poor in Los Angeles, you ended up involved with syndicate crime from an early age. Not liking the need to take orders, you struck out on your own when you were old enough, eschewing membership in a crime syndicate to become an independent smuggler and gunrunner. You quickly discovered the high demand for high tech arms and equipment; laser guns, force field belts, jetpacks, and the like. You specialized, becoming a techmonger, and enriched yourself.

You were approached by the Dead Presidents Gang when they needed high tech weapons but couldn’t afford them. You were convinced to join them in a bank robbery, using your equipment, the cost of which would be deducted from their shares of the haul afterwards. You acquiesced, and became The Ohio Gangster.

The gang was successful for several robberies, allowing you to enrich yourself. However, during one heist you were captured by the authorities. In exchange for leniency, you turned over everyone else’s real names (except for Tricky Dick’s, which you did not know).

After serving your time, you found that most of your smuggling contacts had dried up. You continued to operate as an independent super-criminal, using your knowledge to keep your own equipment top of the line. You were eventually captured again, and agreed to a stint of military service in exchange for time off. You fought against the Kshatriya in Bangladesh, and now a free man, you’ve traveled to the city of Washington to start a new villainous career.

Ability Scores: Your primary ability score is Intelligence, as it allows you to better wield and tinker with the super-technology that is your bread and butter. You also derive your defenses from it, as being smarter means better enhancements to your force field. Charisma is your secondary ability score; your abilities that rely on your cleverness, guile, and trickery (rather than pure technological prowess) derive from it, and it limits how high your Intelligence can be.

Role: Leader/Striker. Your ability to heal and move around healing surges allow you to keep everyone fighting after they would have otherwise fallen, but your Scene and Utility powers are Striker powers rather than Leader powers.

Subtype Keywords: Human, Technology User, Metal Gear, Power Suit User, Electronics, Force Field Shielding, Trickster, Equipment Dependent, Advanced Technology

Class Skills: Bluff, Contacts, Diplomacy, Insight, Sleight Of Hand, Streetwise, Technology, Topical

Possible Skill Functions: Science only for force field physics, Int-linked Insight, Medicine only to interact with force field shielding hit points

Base Statistics

  • +2 to Intelligence and Charisma
  • +2 Defense
  • +1 Reflex
  • +1 Will
  • +2 to Contacts and Technology checks
  • Intelligence-based Defense (Force Field)
  • 12 + Intelligence score Base HP
  • 5 HP/Level
  • 7 + Intelligence modifier Healing Surges/Adventure
  • Shielding-based Hit Points

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The Ohio Gangster

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